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“Always professional. Always helpful”

I couldn’t be happier with the work done on my car. They took the time to work with my insurance company to help them understand the condition of my car. I was updated consistently through the process. On top of that, the car was so clean when it came out that I could see some chips I hadn’t noticed. And they went back and filled those in for me.

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Eric J.

David W. Testimony

“Excellent Shop”

“Excellent shop to deal with. I came in on a Friday to get an estimate for a passenger side front fender repair. They were able to get the parts ordered the same day. I dropped my truck off the following Monday and they had it repaired and ready to go by that Friday. The paint blending job is perfect, you can’t tell where the new paint stops and the 3 year old paint starts. I hope I don’t need their services anytime soon, but if I do I’ll be back.”

SERVICE: Body & Trim

David W.

Tanksley's Body Shop Testimonial

“Highly Recommend”

I highly recommend Tanksley as a quality body shop who will work with the customer to make sure the job is done right and on budget. They treated me with respect and consideration. Very professional, with top-shelf craftsmen in the shop.

My poor little 2007 Honda Fit got mashed by a slow-moving elder driving a large American car.

The other driver’s insurance covered repairs, and sent me a check for their estimate. Two other body shops treated me like an idiot, told me the estimate was likely far below actual cost of repairs and thus I would end up in “total value” territory. The insurance folks’ “total value” was laughably low, and I didn’t want to get anywhere near it with repair costs. Neither of those shops would even discuss what I suggested could keep repair costs well below “total value.”

When I visited Tanksley it was like the sun came out after a nasty storm. Chaston helped me to bring the repair price down in case more damage was encountered during repairs (none was). We line-item vetoed some purely cosmetic items off the work order, lowering the cost of repairs well below what insurance had paid me. Though there were some unexpected delays in getting parts, I was not surprised; my 1st-gen Fit is not common and I knew some of the parts might be hard to find. Chaston kept me posted on how repairs were going and what was causing delays. It ended up taking 2 weeks to finish repairs, but this was due to some parts being damaged in transit, and screw-ups at the other end of the parts supply line. My vehicle was beautiful when I picked it up–squeaky clean on the inside, shiny and nice outside. They even buffed out my old headlight so it matches the new one they replaced.

Getting crunched in a slo-mo crash was a total bummer, but Tanksley gave this episode an uplifting, happy ending with their EXCELLENT service and work. Yeah!

Ann M.

Tanksley's Body Shop Testimonial

“Fantastic Job”

Fantastic Job and Superior customer service! A round bale caved in the front passenger door of my Dually while in the pasture. My friend Rhonda recommended Tanksley’s, so I took my truck straight to them. Less than 1-week and the truck is done and beautiful! The repairs are showroom perfect, and they even detailed it! I had felt bad taking it to them as dirty as it was. Thank you Tanksley’s!

Toni S.

Tanksley's Body Shop Testimonial

“Wish I Hadn’t Waited”

Tanksley’s is absolutely wonderful!
Dropped by to ask them what to do about my van hatch not opening. Bill took a look at the mechanism, fixed it, and had me out in less then an hour. And they looked up where to find, and the cost, of some parts I need to get replaced, and even told me how to do it myself or to bring in and they’ll do the replacement at no charge.
Wish I hadn’t waited 7 months to stop in. 😶🤦‍♀️🙃

Nichole T.